Paths & Traditional Settlements


The Municipality of Paggaio with its unique beauty, provides to the visitor the chance to follow unique paths in nature, wander in traditional settlements and units of hospitality, built with respect in  the natural environment and with exceptional hospitality.

Visit the path of Mesoropis, with its rich vegetation, waterfalls that form lakes, wooden benches and pavilions, wooden bridges and a cave in which is hidden a entire lake with frozen waters. Also you should visit the waterfall of Nikisiani which is located in a valley full of planes, chestnuts and running water.



Visit Moustheni, a village full of traditional noble houses, stone bridges and traditional taps with frozen mountain water. Mesoropi is also a traditional village full of green and waterfalls, with traditional houses and paved square with a stone pit.

The visitor can find his own starting point, in one of the many hospitable traditional lodges in the area and from there to visit all the sights in the Municipality of Paggaio. Apart from the unique scenery that nature generously gave to the region, someone can also visit the famous wine factories that are located in Paggaio and have made the region famous all over the world.