In the blessed land of Macedonia, in the eastern part, between Thessaloniki and Kavala, is located the newly established Municipality of Paggaio that according to this year’s census the population amounts to 32.000 residents. Its   current form emerged from the union of the following 5 former municipalities , in accordance with the program “ Kallikrates” : Eleutheroupoli, Eleutheron, Orfanou, Paggaiou and Piereon. The seat of the municipality is the town Eleutheroupoli and is constituted by 3 municipal communities, 27 local communities and 10 settlements.

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The municipality took its name from the sacred and rich mountain of antiquity, the Paggaio Mountain which offers its protective shade in many municipal departments of our municipality. Paggaio in antiquity was connected with the adoration of the god of vine, Dionysus and also with the musician Orpheus and constitutes a place of exceptional natural beauty, is included in the network “NATURA”, is full of rich flora and fauna, peripatetic paths, caves with rock paintings, which are a true challenge to the fans of the mountain and alternative tourism. Paggaio is also located between the two cities that flourished in ancient times: Amphipoli and Phillipoi, which were united via the ancient Egnatia Road. Seaport of Amphipoli was Kiona, which is the current beach Ofryniou, from where the fleet of Alexander the Great for his distant expedition in India began. Phillipoi on the other hand, signal the beginning of Christian Europe, since it is the first European city in which declared Christianity the Apostle of Nations, Paul and christened the first European Christian woman, Lydia.

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