Local Products


Creation by human hands…

Theeconomic activities in the Municipality of Paggaio are mostly agricultural. It is worth mentioning that around the area, the cultivation of tobacco flourished. In the first quarter of the 20th century, Kavala was the first tobacco export Center in the Balkans. Today in our region, farmers are engaged in cultivation of excellent varieties of table olives and extra virgin olive oil in local olive-press. . Inhabitants are also winegrowers as shown in the  “Bibline Wine” of Paggaio is known as a wine of exceptional quality since Hesiod’s time and gave its name to our region. Most of the wineries in the area of the Municipality of Paggaio are visitable after consultation with the operators and they have become a pole of attraction for every wine lover.

The monitoring of the process of production of tsipouro in so-called “Kazania” can be a unique experience for visitors in November, which is produced in most areas of the Municipality. At the picturesque taverns of either coastal or mountain settlements of our Municipality, visitors can taste a variety of traditional food such as fresh meat and “sarmadakia” with vine leaves, which will satisfy even the most demanding gourmand.

In addition, inhabitants are engaged in the cultivation of cereals, almonds and recently, sunflowers, used in the production of biofuels. The mountains of Paggaio and Symvolo are offered even for farming activities that enrich the local production out of milk and cheese products. The rich flora also favours the development of apiculture, as a result honey of excellent quality. Moreover, the branch of mining stones is developed as there are several processing plants in the region and their products are sought after within and outside Greece. In coastal areas of our municipality, visitors can savour fresh fish all year round, while in Nea Peramos Fishery Research Institute operates –one the most modern in the fishing industry. There are also several are cottage industries producing pasta, halva and tahini.