Spa & Wellness tourism


The waters of the natural or healing springs, arising through  petrifications  and rocks that stream from the depths of the earth. They are mineral waters that contain dissolved metal components. The healing springs of Eleutheroi thermal baths, fall under the municipality of Paggaio and are located in the valley of Marmaras, 42km away from the city of Kavala. The abundant amount of  hot mineral waters which stream in the region were used from the Roman times and their temperature ranges from 37 to 42 oC. The thermal baths provide hydrotherapy in a idyllic landscape and they offer an alternative form of tourism, the healing tourism, and they can be combined with the clay therapy of Krinides, which is located in the neighbor municipality of Kavala. The combination of the natural wealth with the completely organized installations, provide an even bigger sense of wellness and brings closer to nature those who chose to visit the healing baths, as the whole scenery resembles a paradise of harmonious coexistence of all the ecosystem,located on earth.