Mountain region


The magic of creation

The mountain communities of Paggaio and Symvolo charm all the lovers of beauty, history and tradition. Nestled in a green environment with abundant waters, visitors have the opportunity to wander in castles such as Vranokastro of Palaiochori and the castle of Nea Peramos, Anaktoroupoli and also in Byzantine towers in Folia, where there is also the Folklore Museum.VRANOKASTROCASTRO

Visitors can also walk into the traditional settlements with stone mansions, cobbled streets, crossed bridges, which are made of hewn stone or sit in paved plazas with wells and enjoy the shade of the plane trees. In addition, there is the “Mesoropi trail”, which is unique in comparison with the other abundant waters. It was formed in 2006 by the forest service of Kavala, and allows access to places of rare beauty with small waterfalls and ponds. There benches and kiosks in the places of rest, protective fences, wooden bridges and stone stairs in rugged and slimy places. Moustheni, Mesoropi, where the Folklore Museum is located, Domatia, Podochori, Nikisiani and other settlements are awaiting visitors to meet inhabitants’ culture and feel their hospitality.

istorikos nikisiani mesoropi

Also, the Wax Museum in Kipia, is worth visiting. In almost all these mountain communities, visitors can find accommodation with excellent specifications: Traditional questhouses are able to accommodate visitors during the whole year in Nikisiani, Domatia, Moustheni and Mesoropi. The Forest Village <Dionysus> in Moustheni is a different concept in tourism. The existence of places of recreation in several mountain communities should also be mentioned, which are offered for daily getaways. Kainakia in Platanotopos, Kastanies in Mesoropi, Palaios Mylos in Avli, Kria Nera in Nikisiani etc. are places which offer relaxation and food, drink and entertainment for young children. Generally, all places in our Municipality have to present their unique and pure beauty or hidden interesting  stories.

MUSEUM gefiri fragma-folias

Although some villages are not characterized as traditional, thanks to the beauty of the landscape, the diligence and politeness of their inhabitant, they have become poles of attraction for many foreigners. Loutra of Eleftheres in our Municipality offer an alternative kind of tourism. In an idyllic landscape visitors can find a place for hydrotherapy and also Krinides mud bath of the neighbouring Municipality of Kavala.