Cultural Tourism


Culture and Tradition

 The activation of 24 cultural Associations, that have important presence in the social being of the area, has high importance for the cultural identity of our region. Particularly, in the summer but also during the year with their various events, like concerts, dancing and theatrical events, historical and literacy dedications and book presentations, they offer quality entertainment in the citizens and the visitors of the municipality. That in combination with many festivals dedicated to religion which are accompanied with folk celebrations and resurgence of customs, keep alive the tradition of the area and act as an invitation for everyone to take part to the celebrations.



The visitor can enjoy the museum of Olive in Eleoxori, the museum of wax figures, created by Theodoros Kokkinidis in Kipia and the folklore museums of Fwlia, Nikisiani and Mesoropi.

elia kerinaomoiomata laografika




In the Municipality of Paggaio, the culture remains alive and the residents revive with love and effort the customs and traditions of the region, be setting up celebrations full of songs, dance and lavish hospitality. During the year, events are held both in the capital of the Municipality, Eleutheroupoli, like the custom of klidona every June, the Paggaioreitiko get together every July, the “Christmas Dream” every Christmas period, and in local Communities like the resurgence of the “Arapidon” custom in Nikisiani on January 6th, a custom that has his roots in the Dionysian adorations of Paggaio and in the “ Burn of the Fleas” that takes place in the elevation of Ai Yiannis, in Ai yiannis settlement on Clean Monday, this traditional custom signals the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

Clean Monday with its Lenten dishes, traditional music and the custom of Apokries , is celebrated in a special way in Akrovouni and I many other local communities, with the “Dionysian Echoes”  .

giorti arapides-nikisiani iraklitsachrismas

In Palaiochori the visitor can enjoy the path to “Branokastro” or to the “Castle of Alexander the Great” at the celebration of Agioi Theodoroi , the “Tsania” of Horse riders one week before the celebration of Prophet Ilias, Easter with the big contest of crashing eggs and of course the “Day of Chestnut” the last Weekend of October , in the splendid Chestnut Forest of Palaiochori.

The feast of “Tsipouro” takes place at the first Weekend of November in Nea Peramos, as well as the “PERAMEIA” a ten day event in summer.

The ten day festival of Pieria Valley takes place every summer in the beautiful and traditional settlement of Moustheni. The feast of vine leaves takes place in July in Karuani and the “leap of August” at August 31th in the Myrtofytou beach.

ampelofila augoustos imera-kastanou
The existence of 24 cultural associations in the Municipality of Paggaio proves the love of the residents for their place and their continuous pastime with tradition and culture have as a result the events to attract visitors from all over the Greece.